Fanfare as Grape Harvest Ends

Traditionally, the Riesling grape is the last to be harvested in Luxembourg and for the Clos des Rochers field it is the King grape!

Therefore, the Clos des Rochers winery as Bernard-Massard has announced that it is particularly satisfied with the harvest achieved on Monday 2 November, in its most prestigious vineyards, "Groaerd" in Grevenmacher.

The grapes reached optimum maturity showing a sugar content of 95° Oechsle. In what promises to be a great vintage, the "Groaerd" will be presented at the end of 2017.

Another highlight of the vintage, after a three-year break, is a great Riesling Vendange Tardive (Late Harvest) showing 179° Oechsle that could be harvested. As always this wine will be rare because just 130 litres have been produced!

Fanfare as Grape Harvest Ends-14
Fanfare as Grape Harvest Ends-14

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