Our know-how

The Vineyard

The vineyard, exclusively planted with noble grape varieties, is favoured with some of the best terroirs and microclimates suited for the production of good dry fruity white wines.

The majority of the vines are spread over the slopes; they are highly demanding in manual labour and are cultivated according to integrated farming methods ("culture raisonnée"), banning pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

The grapes are harvested by hand and selectively picked at the most favourable moment of their maturity. Early November, he harvest is generally over.


The grapes are collected in crates of 200 kg and are transported twice a day to the Domaine's pneumatic wine presses.

The must ferments in small stainless steel or oak vats under temperature control. After being kept for a few months on fine lees, the wines are bottled in the spring following the harvest.

Annual production

Only the best wines are sold under the label of the Domaine, in total just over 80.000 bottles of still wines and 25.000 bottles of Crémant.

The grape varieties:

Auxerrois: 6%

Pinot Blanc: 18%

Pinot Gris: 24%

Riesling : 32%

Others : 20%

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