Our Crémants - Dr. Frederic Clasen 2007 - Wine

Dr. Frederic Clasen
Dr. Frederic Clasen


Domaine Clos des Rochers vineyards Appellation: Crémant de Luxembourg


Manual harvest Pressing of the whole grapes up to a maximum of 65 litres per 100 kg of grapes Fermentation of the must under temperature control. Blending, second fermentation in the bottle, riddling, disgorgement and dosage

Composition of the cuvée

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

2007: a very rich year, producing grapes of exceptional maturity. The cool summer nights ensured that the vintage was harvested in normal conditions and retained a good acidity to enhance the wine. The pinot noir and the chardonnay contribute to the velvetiness and the finesse of the wine. Full-bodied and harmonious, the taste grows on the palate, developing light buttery notes with a very pleasant fine mousse to support it. An exceptional wine.

Serving suggestions

With its good vinosity and full flavour, this is the ideal wine to serve with fatty fish starters or poultry terrines; it is also perfect as an aperitif. Serve at 8?C (46°F).


Awarded a gold medal at the "Concours National des Crémants” in June 2010 in France


Store the bottles horizontally. Ready for drinking now or within 4 years of purchase.

Technical Data

Packaging: cardboard boxes Cases: 6 x 75cl

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